• Innovative solutions through engineering and construction consulting for the Pipeline Industry and Associated Facilities.

    Our experience in this Industry is our main value, and we add engineering, evaluation of regulatory requirements and best practices to our problem-solving proposals.
  • Our vision is to be one of the pipeline consulting company, leader in the global market, distinguished by its strategic, specific and innovative solutions.

    We tackle technology challenges and those associated with security, environmental, social, quality, and cultural issues, among others.
  • Solutions aimed to managing projects with zero accidents, considering the highest standards of safety and quality.

    The current times demand greater adaptation and flexibility in construction projects, oriented to respect for the environment, communities and culture.

Message from our CEO

Since the installation of the first Oil Pipeline more than a century and a half ago, the industry of Pipeline construction has evolved with the world itself. However, the basic principles of construction have not changed, and it is there that the experience accumulated at field in those men who have made history in this industry is “almost everything” when it comes to making important decisions.
As one of my mentors masterfully put it: “logistics is everything in pipe-building, and most of the knowledge and expertise in building pipelines comes from being at the field, facing the specific problems each pipeline possess and finding solutions.”
This is what we offer, along with the respect for industry standards, safety, quality, communities and the environment.
Esto es lo que ofrecemos, aunado al respeto por los estándares de la industria, la seguridad, la calidad, las comunidades y el medio ambiente.

Luis de Benito, CEO and Founder

LDB Pipelines Consulting

LDB Pipelines Consulting was born with the purpose of transferring to our clients around the world the extensive experience acquired during more than 30 years in the field, experience that will result in time and money savings in the execution of their projects, from conception to the launch of Cross Country, Landfall Pipelines & Facilities.
Our business model is based on providing first-class advice, engineering services, evaluation of regulatory requirements and best practices applied to our problem-solving proposals, to bridge the gap that exists in those projects where the use of the best Historical technical proposals are necessary, to manage projects with zero accidents and, considering the highest quality standards.

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Our team of experts has a successful history of projects accomplished on four continents: America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

  • Landing of Marine Pipelines on the Coast (Landfalls): Micro Tunnels, Direct Pipe, HDD
  • Evaluation of special crossing designs and application of various methodologies
  • Installation of Pipelines on High Slopes and Narrow Ridge Zones: Cable Cranes and Vertical Installation of Pipelines
  • Installation of Pipelines in all type of terrain: Mountain Areas, Swamps, Deserts and Forests
  • Internal Coating of Welded Joints using Robot (Internal Coating) - Internal Coating with HDPE pipe (Lining Method)

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